Saturday, 25 February 2012

Smooth Operator

I have really neglected my body moisturising routine lately and my goodness, have I paid for it?!
In the past few weeks I have hopped on and off more planes and covered more miles than I care to remember - all in the name of work, of course.
The problem is that my skin has been through the mill - I have stopped body brushing, and have not been using my usual products. Couple that with the dehydration brought on by flying and the change in climate, and it really is a recipe for disaster.
But you know, there are some great products out there to remedy all skin dramas.
So, I have invested in a couple of key products and my skin is back to its gleaming tip-top state.
Gone is the 'any old hotel soap' and in is the Queen Cosmetics Gentle Glycerin Soap.

Now, Queen Cosmetics advise this to be used on the face, but my face has been in quite good nick lately. But blimey, my body has suffered.
Using this soap just for a couple of days made a massive difference. What was once dry, and a little scaly, is now feeling soothed and calmed. The soap comes up in a really good lather and can be used for shaving under your arms or even your legs. I really found this brilliant and at a fiver not half bad! Get yourself on the website and order one now! (

But soap alone won't be enough to hydrate thirsty skin.
I have been using a combination of products on my body. Something more intense and nourishing for the evenings after a bath, and something fresher but very hydrating for the mornings after my quick shower and mad dash to work.

After a hot shower in the morning I need something that will slather on quickly, absorb even more speedily and keep me smooth and smoothed all day long. My secret weapon is Dermalogica's Body Hydrating Cream. This cream gently exfoliates the skin, all the while the essential oils nourish and repair the skin. The fragrance is subtle but gently lingering and so you catch a bit of the uplifting scent throughout the day.

But in the evenings my skin really wants something a bit more intense.

So, after having a long, hot and relaxing bath and using my Queen soap, I dive for my Living Nature Beautiful Belly Oil. Now strictly speaking, this is for mums-to-be, but it is so super-nourishing and calming that it really is fabulous for the most-tired and needy skin. The combination of oils really soothes and relaxes too. My skin is super smooth but actually is nourished. Now, some of my mum-friends love this Living Nature product, and used it when pregnant and even after their little ones were born. They all say they had barely-there, if any, stretch marks and that their bellies really benefitted. Actually, I have to say that I have found it to be awesome. My skin is really great and any of those nasty, silvery little lines that I may have had are certainly much reduced. And the aroma. Wow, really gets you ready for a good night's sleep.

Now, that's my tip for the three golden products that will restore your skin to its natural and perfect state.

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